Nick Rosen of Enlighten Up! takes us on a tour of Wanderlust 2010 at Squaw Valley. The video begins with clips of Duncan Wong, John Friend, Shiva Rea with Chris Sharma, and Beaver Theodosakis of prAna.

"Wanderlust is a very natural place for the yoga community, theres this expression of creativity and soul and I see it in peoples eyes and expression," Shiva Rea says. John Friend shares with us that "It's a lot of stimulation for innovation, new ideas, and therefore a positive change in society."

We wrap the video up with the prAna wellness village with Hawk Sanders who shows Nick Rosen how to re-connect himself to his higher body and Moby and Bassnectar perform at Wanderlust 2010.

Nick Rosen says that he can only imagine what Wanderlust 2011 is going to be like, can you imagine?

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