Vanessa Montenegro

Vanessa Montenegro

Vanessa Montenegro is the founder of Flipswitch Studio specializing in yoga, Pilates, fitness classes and running programs for all levels.

Her mission is to help her students tap into their full potential through classes and programs that are challenging, technical, energetic and supportive. It is Vanessa’s core believe that, “When sweat meets a smile, things shift, exercise becomes training, and healthy becomes who you are, not what you do."

Vanessa also works closely with runners – both new and experienced – to build their strength, speed and agility. In addition to weekly training runs through Flipswitch, she introduces elements of yoga to a runner’s training schedule. In doing so, she helps runners look through a different lens that helps aid longevity, keeping them in their sneakers for years to come. Her programs create spaces where runners can take their training off the road and onto the mat: where the grace of yoga meets the fluidity and drive of running.

Her latest wins in the community include a recent yoga segment on CTV’s eTalk, leading the post-race yoga at the Goodlife Toronto Marathon and Sporting Life 10K, as well as supporting the Nike+ Running Clubs with yoga programs. In addition to Flipswitch, Vanessa manages the Joga Ambassador & Certification Program and has expanded her practice to work with a number of professional athletes. Vanessa is also proud to be a part of the Vega Team, a lululemon yoga ambassador alumni and an active participant in the Toronto running community.

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