Todd Inouye

Todd Inouye

Deeply interested in the things that make us tick, the tools that are needed to create and actively involved in making beauty, Todd Inouye had lead space and community on Vancouver's Northshore now for 14 years. His most brilliant ongoing projects to date is his awesome family, and Yogapod Body Mind + Soul (a pioneering gem in Vancouver's vibrant yoga scene). Both continue to spin a brilliant positive vibe that he is honoured and inspired to be a part of.

Todd's practices have evolved from explorations in several traditions including Bikram, Vinyasa, Anusara and Mindful practices in Buddhist, Tantric and Shamanic traditions. On the flip side, his past background as a designer versed in branding, communications, marketing, and furniture design fortifies his pallet in creating, sustaining and making things of beauty and lasting value... Each one of us!

Deeply considered from the depth of tradition, made current and real through the lens of humour and personal experience, Todd's classes continue to inspire and create new possibility.

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