Shane Suffriti

Shane Suffriti

Originally from a background of studying and performing Orchestral Percussion, a Jazz/Rock/Metal/Punk Drummer for numerous bands, Shane Suffriti moved to the electronic world of production in 2005. 2 years later he decided the East Coast was difficult to gain inspiration. He moved out west to Colorado first then California, tutoring under Sleepyhead. Amongst his travels he found himself in many well known upcoming artists’ studios picking up tips and pointers along the way.

Today Shane lives in Lake Tahoe, California. He runs SoFreaky Studios in Kings Beach. He’s completed unique projects for individual businesses doing Sound Engineering, Film Audio Cleanup, Production Segments for TV, DJ Mixing for an Iphone Game, and numerous projects with local artists. He also operates his record label "Everybody Records" from the studio

Shane Suffriti's music reflects his unique background of live bands and the underground electronic era. He mixes club dynamics with styles reflecting Hip-Hop, Dub (London), Juke, Moombahton, Uk Funky, Bass, Garage, Future Garage, Break Beat, House, Trap, Tropical Bass, and Orchestral.

Current music from his duo “Subtropixx” has been featured on MadDecent and TropicalBass. Other works of Shane have been featured on Mad Decent and Hatandhoodie Blog (Germany). His pending releases of EP’s are stacking up for the Spring/Summer of 2014. Of these are his solo Juke/Trap EP, his Moombahton EP + Remix EP's with Andrew Posada “Subtropixx”, an EP with local DJ/Videographer “Auxiliary” in there duo ZenTrillaQuest, and an EP with accomplished musician Zebuel. All to be released on Everybody Records.

Be sure to check Shane out at west coast festivals Wanderlust, The Bounce Festival, and Bass Mountain this summer.

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