Roman Torgovitsky

Roman Torgovitsky

Roman Torgovitsky, Ph.D, founder of Soma System, is a Harvard-trained biomedical scientist, structural bodyworker and practitioner of Russian style of martial arts.

While working on his doctoral thesis in sleep medicine, Roman became interested in studying the detrimental effects of acute insomnia and sleep deprivation on human health and performance. This naturally raised a question of how to improve sleep quality.

Concurrently, Roman was undergoing training in polyanka, a Russian style of hand-to-hand combat that trains practitioners to confront and release blockages that can manifest physically, emotionally, or mentally. Always trying to optimize his training, Roman investigated deep tissue bodywork and found that releasing tightness made him more emotionally resilient, adaptable, and thus capable of navigating highly stressful hand-to-hand combat situations. Roman also noticed that releasing muscle tightness had a beneficial impact on his sleep and sense of inner happiness. Could muscle tightness be the undervalued puzzle piece, not only of sleep medicine but of mind-body medicine and spiritual practice in general?


Roman became intrigued with myriad of practical questions:

What is soft tissue tightness? What causes it? What are its effects on body and mind?

Investigation of these questions led Roman to explore research in mind-body medicine, extensively study various forms of bodywork, and ultimately create a system of self-bodywork to complement his martial arts training.

Today, Soma System is comprised of a wide range of interdisciplinary professionals ranging from mechanical engineers to physical therapists. Soma System offers the most effective selection of self-bodywork tools and educational trainings available to movement art practitioners, fitness instructors, and healthcare providers. Soma System trainees seamlessly incorporate bodywork and mindfulness methods into their fields of practice. Scientific research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and each team member's personal physical & spiritual practice form the foundation of the company.

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