Robyn Humphrey

Robyn Humphrey

Robyn Humphrey is a 30 year veteran of the Mid Atlantic running/racing scene. A yogi, for the past 10 years led Robyn on a path to holistic enlightenment in her running form. She has been on a quest to find her moving meditation in everything that she does, and the journey has been so exquisite that she decided to share this passion with others!

Robyn is a certified Chi Running Instructor and also weaves in over 20 years of core strength work, yoga and meditation/relaxation techniques to mix up a ZEN experience on the roads, studio or gym! Robyn is also a passionate golfer on a quest to find absolute bliss on the links.

Just like in her movement, Robyn looks for grace, efficiency and flow.....flow in life, flow with nature, flowing with those around her. She has an endless amount of energy and is devoted to helping her clients find the gift of injury-free movement and balance in their lives!

Robyn is the current run ambassador for the lululemon at The Mall in Columbia, Maryland.

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