Nikki Ralston

Nikki Ralston

Yoga educator Nikki Ralston and her self-developed Ralston Method have been described as “true life changers”, and regular clients flock in their droves to the Ponsonby, Auckland studio she opened earlier this year, The Urban Ashram.

The health and wellbeing powerhouse is an inspiration to all who cross her path, emphasizing the need to care for your whole being and take ownership over your life.

The Ralston Method was born from observing her clients over the years and identifying gaps in the cohesiveness of their self care: “I saw a need for a unified approach to wellness. It’s about making yourself a priority and having the tools to be able to maintain balance amongst your busy life.”

Warm and engaging before, during and after class, she herself experienced “increased health, stronger immunity, vibrant energy a calmer state of mind and a deeper connection to herself” since beginning her yoga journey, and is passionate about her students feeling the same.

“Inside a little acorn lays a mighty oak tree, that same potential for growth and transformation lays within each of us.”

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