Michelle Kailash Deslandes

Michelle Kailash Deslandes

Michelle Kailash Deslandes currently lives in Burlington, Vermont where she teaches yoga, runs her healing practice and spends lots of time enjoying and learning from her beloved Guru: Mother Nature.

Michelle sees the body as a temple which contains the wisdom of the universe. Her central teachings have been learned from the inside out, born from a deep listening to the wisdom of the body and the voice of higher consciousness. With passion and clarity, Michelle gently guides her students and clients into their own empowerment, healing and self discovery. The art of listening to and trusting the truth within, is the foundation of the message she brings.

With formal training in Yoga, Massage Therapy, and Shamanism as well as in depth study and practice in the art of the Taoist Tantric Way, Michelle offers an exciting synergistic weave of of these wisdom paths from around the globe.

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