Meg McCraken

Meg McCraken

Meg has always been an avid lover of life and particularly, life in the mountains. However, after years of rock climbing, trail running, mountain biking, snowboarding and mountaineering, she turned to yoga to heal her failing body. What started out as a purely functional, physical practice grew to so much more. As her body healed through the practice, her heart opened and her mind cleared. The stresses of life (big and little) began to simply roll through her and effect her less. Her life became more vibrant and inspired than ever. Now, thanks to yoga, she continues to play in the mountains with a renewed sense of passion and grace, excelling at the activities that once took such a toll on her body.

In total, Meg has been teaching for 9 years and has 700+ hours of teacher training and yoga therapy training. She is the founder of Simple Yoga, a thriving studio in Montana, but has recently moved to the Tahoe area. She travels regularly to teach workshops to the amazing yogis that she believes are empowered to change this world with their love. Through her teaching, Meg is fully dedicated to helping each of her students reap the amazing benefits of yoga and create a realm of boundless possibilities to lead healthy, vibrant, inspired lives – no matter what challenges they may be facing.

In Meg’s classes, one will not only to learn about the poses and the importance of precise alignment as it relates specifically to each unique body, but also each student can expect a full yoga experience. Every class is an adventure, mixing breath work (pranayama), poses (asana), yoga philosophy, meditation, poetry, inspiration, voice (mantra) and hand gestures(mudra). Each person will receive lots of personal attention, work hard with intention, relax deeply, expand their awareness, increase their focus, laugh a lot and be fully supported on that inner journey. When you leave class and step off your mat (which is where the real practice begins), you will be more prepared to engage life in a skillful, soulful, peaceful, vibrant way.

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