Martin Scott

Martin Scott

My name is Martin Scott and I'm a Vinyasa Yoga teacher. I've loved yoga since the first class I took in 2000. I believe yoga is a love affair and a holistic journey. That shows in my own experience and how I teach. After years of regular practice, I wanted to learn more about yoga so I did a teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra on the advice of my teacher Stephanie Snyder. In 2008 I accidentally became a yoga teacher and my life has never been the same.

Teaching yoga is an immense, rewarding gift, allowing me to make positive contributions to my community and to help students find peace and calm. No matter how experienced students are at "doing yoga", I ask them to be a witness to themselves each time they step onto the mat. I commit my best to help them on their path and I encourage them to stand in the light of their greatest potential, to savor every single breath and to take the practice with them when they roll up their mats.

Who I am shows in every piece of my teaching. I am traditionally non-traditional. My classes are joyful, purposeful and intentional. I believe in the transformative powers of regular practice and see it as a one-way ticket to freedom and happiness. I love to laugh and play while still maintaining drishti. Yoga makes us happy! We don't always need to be so serious.

I teach every class with Love, Compassion, Joy & Equanimity by reminding myself of verse 1.33 of The Yoga Sutras. This keeps me open and grounded so that the teaching comes through clearly. When we see things clearly we can change anything. No matter how challenging the practice may be, it only makes us better.

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