Mariane Uehara

Mariane Uehara

Born: Sao Paulo Brasil

Live: Honolulu, Hawaii

Athlete: Elite Triathlete/Runner


6th 25-29 Ironman Kona World Championship 2009

1st Overall - Marathon Readiness Series 2010 (6 races in a row taking 1st Overall)

15th Overall Honolulu Marathon and 1st Hawaii Resident 2010

5th Overall Female - Strongman Japan Ironman 2011

1st Overall Female - Tinman Triathlon 2012

4th Overall Age Group - New York Ironman US Championship 2012

Inspiration: Being an Elite athlete in Hawaii is a great privilege because we live in paradise. I like to think that triathlon is inspired by the three essential natural elements, water for swimming, air for cycling, and the earth for running. You never feel so alive as when your body is in unison with the earth while pushing your physical limits!

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