Mélanie Chevarie

Mélanie Chevarie

Melanie has been practicing Asana Yoga since 1992 and has been teaching since 2001 after being trained from Laughing Lotus and Om Yoga Center in New York City.

She is the co-founder two yoga studios in Brooklyn and she is teaching all levels of yoga classes & workshops including Yoga Teacher Training and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training since 2006 in New York, Montreal and in Los Angeles.

Mélanie has been seriously studying and practicing Theravada Buddhism, including participating in silent meditation retreats, studying ancient Buddhist texts in a group setting and since 2005, she has been leading Buddhist studies and meditation sessions.

She is a published author and a trained Midwife and Human Rights activist working in remote area and emerging countries.

Mélanie has also worked in documentary film, including work for National Geographic, and is a community leader in spreading awareness about sexual abuse against children.

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