Lindsay Gurley

Lindsay Gurley

Lindsay was first introduced to yoga for the workout and strength building at a hot yoga studio in Denver, Colorado. After practicing for several years, her practice expanded from the physical into a deeper personal experience, allowing her to slow down and tune into the internal world and multiple realms of yoga. For Lindsay, yoga changed her life into a meditation of motion in every moment of the day, realizing that all challenges that life hands to her can be experienced and accepted through the expansion of yoga into her daily life.

Lindsay was trained in Kripalu Yoga at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, a compassionate yoga practice for the mind, body and spirit intended for any level of practice. With Lindsay, you can expect a safe class that goes deep, accompanied by her bubbly and soothing presence.

Lindsay has also lead hikes in the Roaring Fork Valley (Aspen/Snowmass region) for over three years. She started hiking as a young child with her family and over the years developed a deep love for the wilderness. Lindsay worked as a Naturalist Hiking Guide at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies in 2010 and continues to hike throughout the region.

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