Lehua Wright

Lehua Wright

In 1999, at the Bikram College of India in Los Angeles California, Lehua experienced a class that would forever change her concept of body movement. They called it yoga.

"After tearing my ACL and meniscus from years of running, I reluctantly decided to try yoga, I thought to myself how hard could it be?" Said the once self-proclaimed gym rat. "When I left the class of 200 plus model types, dripping in sweat and muscles shaking uncontrollably, I knew I found something that could change my life."

After a year of training in the Bikram style, Lehua got a tip on a teacher in Santa Monica, California who was teaching a method called Power Yoga - his name was Bryan Kest.

14 years and, who knows how many yoga mats later, she and her husband (both Lululemon ambassadors) have opened up their own Power Yoga studio and are teaching this method to others. "I like Power Yoga because even though it's extremely challenging, it's still approachable for everyone."

Lehua blends dance, yoga and other core exercises into her practice, creating a strong yet entertaining flow that connects poses together in a fluid moving sequence. Expect loud music and come with an open mind. ~Namaste

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