Learning Garden

The Kitchen Community will create a "Learning Garden" on-site at Wanderlust Colorado. Learning Gardens are an easy, affordable, scalable school garden solution; it is an attractive outdoor classroom and experiential play space with edible vegetables.  Learning Gardens are designed to be places kids want to play and teachers want to teach, thereby helping to decrease childhood obesity, improve academic performance, and strengthen communities. The Kitchen Community has helped create 49 school and community center Learning Gardens with an additional six Community gardens across the U.S.



The Learning Garden "build" will be part of the Wanderlust program and attendees can learn how to build and maintain a garden by being an integral part of its creation and growth.  There are 2 scheduled classes on Thursday, July 4 that will serve as educational introductions with the Kitchen Community team leading the sessions.


1411 For the remaining festival days, we have 2 interactive activities available to sign up for that will facilitate the growth of the Garden. These sessions will not be counted towards your class allowances each day. All ages welcome!


Working beside you will also be kids enrolled in Wanderlust's kids program, Wanderkind. Our group of bubbling young gardeners will have free reign in the Garden, continuing the Kitchen Community's goal of educating and encouraging youth to become eco-minded adults.


The Kitchen Community will also be leading a Speakeasy Lecture on Friday, July 5 at Noon, which you can add to your schedule right here