KenK & the Kriminalz

KenK & the Kriminalz

KenK is equal parts rock, alt-country, folk, blues and likes to throw in some good ol' guitar shredding for fun. His songs speak of life, love, and gratitude mixed within stories of gardens, trailers, car rides, and tattoos, offered through thoughtful lyrics and memorable melodies.

KenK can frequently be found playing live yoga classes with his son, Justin, a popular yoga teacher and founder of Outlaw Yoga. Outlaw Yoga live music classes are unique, powerful, and unforgettable and include rocking music, sing-alongs, and a perfect delivery and dynamic flow with the energy levels of the class. Justin and KenK have played hundreds of classes, from intimate studios to large outdoor yoga events, and have a flow unique to itself.

KenK is an entertaining and spirited performer, a great guitar player, and a talented songwriter. He uses a looper to mix hot chops into multi-layered arrangements, all done live and on the spot. Ken's song "Wonderful Day" was chosen as the theme song for Denver Channel2 morning news show, "Daybreak". 

The Outlaw Yoga team has performed at many popular Denver studios, including corePower and Kindness, and are regulars of Open Sky Event's "Yoga Rocks the Park" and "Friday Night Yoga Club". They tour regularly and have played in studios in Taos NM, Des Moines IA, Kansas City KS/MO, Omaha NE, as well as Wanderlust, The Sedona Yoga Festival, and upcoming Wanderlust Snowmass/Aspen and the Iowa Yoga festival.

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