Julia Howe Sullivan

Julia Howe Sullivan

Julia Howe Sullivan is a 500-hour certified Yoga teacher (Jivamukti and Kripalu) who has been benefiting from the boundless gifts of the practice for over ten years. She took her first yoga class at age sixteen, and since then has been a devoted practitioner and student of asana, pranayama, and meditation.

Julia’s classes emphasize a deep appreciation for all that we are, both as individuals and as a collective consciousness. Through the asana practice, she aims to ignite and nourish self-inquiry and love as students move through a creative flow of postures linked to breath and intention. Students are encouraged to tap into their own, unique body wisdom as they allow the mind to quiet and the heart to open. Whether it’s your first time stepping onto the mat or something you do daily, Julia’s priority is to create a safe and sacred space for your practice.

 Julia teaches workshops and both private and group classes in the greater Burlington area. She is also assists the Laughing River Yoga teacher training and is an active member of Off The Mat Into The World.

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