Josh Ferenc

Josh Ferenc

By day I go by Mr. Ferenc, posing as an unassuming middle school science teacher but once the school bell rings, all bets are off. I have been seeking the unstoppable force of nature and have enjoyed the endurance running scene for a number of years.

I am a science teacher at the Bellows Falls Middle School in Bellows Falls Vermont. As a teacher, it is imperative I am seen as a positive role model to my students, athletes and community. It is uplifting to know I have the support of an entire community around me! I coach three sports (XC, basketball, Track and Field), then head home to run (my main run/workout) with my girls (dogs). I run some roads but try to strictly stick to the trails and mountains so I can enjoy the outdoors with my girls. In the winter time I bundle up and snowshoe run or run the trails. Every run is a real life MGMT - Electric Feel video and my love of wildness and epicness is always a goal.

I am a VTer and runner/ ultra runner, and I am in constant search of ways to further my competitive edge on the trails and mountains. I love to explore all of the trail's potential and train and push the limits of my body. I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to represent TeamUSA internationally and continue to work towards my goals and dreams.

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