Jill Wheeler

Jill Wheeler

Jill is committed to providing the highest quality yoga, wellness and adventure classes, workshops and retreats. She has blended her love of adventure and passion for yoga with Paddleboard Yoga classes and workshops that are a fun and playful way to connect with nature.

Emphasizing proper alignment and body awareness, strength and flexibility are safely developed at an individual’s pace. Jill’s holistic approach to overall fitness blends traditional psychotherapy, adventure education and wellness coaching to create high energy, values-driven and meaningful experiences for individuals and groups.

Each class she teaches is a unique unraveling of energy and flow. The asanas (poses) are the tools, the sequence provides a foundation and the interaction of yogis practicing together is the magic that transforms, heals and inspires change.

Jill's students are drawn to her adventurous spirit, as play and fun influence her powerful and meaningful yoga classes. Exploration, curiosity and the desire to empower self and others keep her students connected and coming back.

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