Jason Willey

Jason Willey

 Jason is a native of Western Washington and founder of Fusion Hot Yoga in Bothell, WA. Growing up, Jason was an avid athlete; playing football, basketball and running track. He endured many sports injuries over the years that eventually led him to hang up his cleats. Due to lack of activity, two ankle surgeries and entering a busy corporate world, Jason began to pack on the pounds. In 2004, Jason discovered the mix of Bikram yoga and Power Vinyasa yoga and his life was transformed. He was immediately drawn in by the healing intensity of the yoga classes, the detoxifying effect of the sweat, the connectedness to himself and his breath, and the discipline and focus that it brought back into his life. His ankle and shoulder injuries began to heal and he was able to rediscover the strength and flexibility that he once knew as a young athlete. In addition, on this journey, Jason lost 70 lbs. doing the yoga and reconnected with his true self. Because of the life-changing effect the yoga had on his life, Jason embarked on a journey to become a teacher so that he could share the gift of yoga with others. Jason is a Bikram certified teacher and has also trained under Baron Baptiste and continuously attends workshops to continue to learn and grow as a student and teacher of yoga. Jason is a CrossFit certified instructor and serves as an ambassador for Lululemon. Jason teaches from his heart and when you attend his classes you'll be sure to be challenged, inspired, and wanting to come back for more.

"Be Present. Take Action. Leave Stronger."  -Jason Willey

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