Jamie Harris

Jamie Harris

My mission in life is to lead individuals to recognize, honor and embody their extraordinary selves.

I fiercely believe that, underneath our past physical, emotional, and spiritual conditioning lies an extraordinarily powerful soul within each of us.

Through simple practices of mindfulness, breathing techniques, meditation, posture and self-nurturing, together we will strive to reach heightened levels of self-realization.

The benefits of these practices will transmute naturally to our relationships, community, and universal understanding.

We will expand our practice gradually; meeting the needs of each individual and, in time, exceeding their dreams and desires.

With yoga, martial arts, responsible consumption and music as my foundations of reference, my approach to the healing and enlivening of the body cultivates wellness, lightness, easefulness and empowerment…all in the name of a joyful, radiant, fit and remarkably extraordinary life!

With love and gratitude,

Jamie Scott Harris

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