Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue

Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue

Mary Beth LaRue and Jacki Carr have joined yin and yang forces to design a holistic bliss movement that will uplift, inspire, and create big shifts in your daily life.

Mary Beth LaRue is a yoga teacher, writer, and lover of avocados, homemade chai tea, and hip hop. She’s an Iowa girl living blissfully in Venice Beach with her husband and their lovable English bulldog, Rosy. You’ll find her riding her bike, going to the farmers’ market, and taking roadtrips with her fam. Whether it’s through a sweaty yoga practice, a gratitude meditation, or a conversation over coffee about life goals, her mission is to lead people toward their bliss. Sustainable, fulfilling, ohmygodilovemylife bliss.

Jacki Carr is a goal coach, writer and hiking yogi. She can be found zipping through LA and goal coaching via hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains, on and off the yoga mat or via good ol’ phone. Her coaching style includes 80’s music, (perhaps sang out loud), real and honest conversations and true connection to your most powerful and whole self. She is igolu certified and launched her business, Goals on the Rocks in 2013 and her mission in this big life is to be a catalyst for possibility online and offline, preferably on a mountain top.

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