Hilary Paris

Hilary Paris

Hilary is a certified yoga instructor and MovNat Trainer, so her background is diverse when it comes to movement. Her roots are in dance, but her inspiration comes mostly from nature. She has always felt a deep connection to the outdoors since she was young. As a kid, she was regularly involved in some kind of outdoor adventure from treehouse-building, to down hill skiing, to long hikes with her family in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Tahoe. To this day, she makes getting outside a priority and shares this passion with others. In her free time, Hilary enjoys singing, cooking with her loved ones and volunteering in her community.

Hilary loves to bring a sense of play and lightness into her yoga classes, and she encourages her students to expand their perception of yoga. She takes them on a journey from the physical body to the triage of mind-body-nature connection. She loves when her students have fun, find their ultimate edge and "move" outside of the box. She is a firm believer in taking your yoga practice outside. We get a little too comfortable with our contained yoga studios and gyms. Why not explore and learn something new? Hilary has trekked and yoga’d all over the globe, from the Cascades to the Himalayas. She is overjoyed to guide people out of the city and into the peaceful bliss of the natural world.

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