HANNAH (Hannah Thiem) is a dynamic violinist and producer who weaves her nomadic musical stylings within a seamless fabric of deep electronic and ambient soundscapes. Her sonic foundation stems from formative experiences in Eastern European music and a deep passion and study of Nordic and Middle Eastern traditions. Co-founder of the avant rock group Copal and ambient electronic project Nyxyss, her musical career has been deep and varied. Starting with classical music from age 3, she made grand forays into electronic, improvisational, and folk music later on, including studies at New England Conservatory and Dubspot, NYC. Hannah’s ever-evolving sound is now being channeled into an exciting solo path that is forging new avenues for violin through her own unique articulation of evocative and cinematic electronic music combined with laptop and voice.

On stage, Hannah has performed with a range of acts as varied and heralded as The Rolling Stones (with Kanye West) to Bassnectar, MOBY, Random Rab, EOTO, Jillian Ann, The Human Experience, Quixotic, Lucent Dossier, and Shpongle. Special event performances include Obama’s 2013 Inaugural Ball, Alvin Ailey Galas in NYC, TEDxBrooklyn, and various celebrity weddings including Michael Jordan’s. She spent the past couple years performing internationally, including a midwest and east coast tour with Random Rab, as well as a couple of performances in Dubai with William Close and the Earth Harp Collective. In 2013, Hannah toured the US and Canada with Wanderlust Festivals, Lightning in a Bottle, Burning Man, and Shambhala Music Festival with her solo project. In studio, she has recorded with Beats Antique, Random Rab, Irma Thomas (Grammy-nominated “Simply Grand”), The Human Experience, The Rising Smoke of the Hobo Kings, Ancient Astronauts, and Edwin Briscoe. Hannah plays both an acoustic and a five-string electric violin, accompanied by her original electronic scores. Her sound and performances meld and blur genres in relentlessly inventive ways, creating an experience that is undeniable in its sincerity and refreshing in its originality.

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