Thanks for downloading the new Wanderlust edition of Firefox!  We're thrilled to be seeing more of you.

First things first - let's take a tour of your new browser:

1267 Check out the Wanderlust Journal (pictured right) - Our re-vamped blog is your new homepage and will greet you every day with updated news from your yoga community and useful material that can help you lead a more mindful life.

 Take a peak into the Wanderlust library - We've highlighted our favorite sites and placed them in the bookmarks drop down above. Browse through our curated list of sites in each category: 'Yoga & Community', 'Music & Art', 'Living Green', 'Adventure & Escape', and 'Friends of Wanderlust'.


 • See that clock in the upper right corner?  This is your 'Stretch-Clock' add-on that will queue up a new stretch every hour that you're online to keep your blood moving and your mind alert. You can easily disable this if the stretching gets too distracting, but it should go without saying that the people who produce yoga festivals think that stretching often is a good idea. 


 • What's that? Another clock on the bottom right? This 'Mind the Time' add-on will help you keep track of how you spend your time on each page.


• If things aren't looking quite right, or you need some help turning off one of the add-ons just check out our handy troubleshooting page.

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