Firefox Troubleshooting

Having trouble with your new Wanderlust browser? No worries, we've got your back! 


Q: "I don't see anything different about my new Firefox browser! What's up with that?"


A: If you have previously installed a special version of Firefox, you'll need to clear your settings. Here's how:


1. You'll need to quit all versions of Firefox you have running. On the menu bar, click on the Firefox menu and select Quit Firefox

 2. Navigate to /Applications/Utilities. Open the Terminal application.

 3. In the Terminal application, enter the following:

/Applications/ -p

 4. Press Return.


In the Profile Manager, select the profile to remove, and click Delete Profile.

Confirm that you wish to delete the profile: 


"Don't Delete Files" removes the profile from the Profile Manager yet retains the profile data files on your computer in the storage folder, so that your information is not lost. "Don't Delete Files" is the preferred option because it saves the old profile's folder and allows you to recover the files to a new profile.


"Delete Files" removes the profile AND its files, including the profile bookmarks, settings, passwords, etc.


You can create a new profile by clicking Create Profile in the Profile Manager.


Click Next and enter the name of the profile (ie my new profile). This name is not exposed on the Internet. 




Additional information on removing profile information can be found at:


Q: "I actually don't need a reminder to stretch once an hour, and this guy in a suit gives me the creeps! What do I do?"


A: We think it's a great idea to get up and stretch on the hour every hour, but we totally understand. And yeah, we're also little mystified by the guy in the 80s tie doing meditations by the river in his sunglasses. You can easily change the settings on your stretchclock by clicking on the green + sign in the upper right corner. You can change the time between stretches, or pause the entire add-on if it isn't for you. 


Q: "I didn't know that Firefox had add-ons. Now I want more!"

A: They are super fun, right? Just go to Tools > Add-ons to get more, you can see the most popular and search around. You can also completely disable your current add-ons in this window. 

Q: "I have more questions about Firefox in general, where should I go?"


A: Head on over to for a thorough help section on all things Firefox. If you know you have specific questions about downloading browsers for your particular OS, choose the right support link below:


We hope this helps, and we hope you love your new browser. Wander away!