Art & Performance

As you wander throughout the festival, you’ll have a chance to encounter art in a variety of forms, from unexpected, seemingly hidden locations to giant shape-shifting installments. Our artists aim to expose you to the beauty found in nature via a broad scope of mediums and methods, making Wanderlust a fertile ground for the right side of your brain.


You'll also have the chance to experience art for yourself. Watch (or join) a pop-up acro performance, ask our roving artists to adorn you with body paint, make a mandala, bring a sketchbook or journal, or simply welcome the spark of spontaneous creativity when inspiration strikes.


For one night at each festival, we celebrate the potent combination of art and yoga with the Wanderlust Spectacular. This Cirque du Soleil of yoga is a sacred extravaganza that actively engages the audience to participate with their mind, body, heart, and soul. Through rich imagery, innovative lighting design, and cutting edge music, we will tell the compelling story at the core of Wanderlust's mission - how to find one's own true north.