Art & Performance

As you wander throughout the festival, you’ll have a chance to experience art in a variety of formats, from unexpected, seemingly hidden locations to giant shape-shifting installments. Our artists aim to expose you to the beauty found in nature via a broad scope of mediums and methods.

Amir Magal

Tribal Markings


Born in Israel, raised in Los Angeles, Amir is a world traveler surrounded by families and tribes supporting his work and play. The underlying theme in Amir Magal’s art is always one of fluid movement.


A Mirror Image is a word play and the essence of What Amir’s art/photography conveys, reflecting each person beauty and dance. Amir also co-founded Natural Leaders Foundation and currently brings his unique expressions with our children as a guardian and mentor.


You may see Amir painting, doing capoeira, sculpting with mud or just surrounded by a pack of kids exploring and creating their moments.


With the moment at hand, Amir is working on “Tribal Sessions” reflecting how all generations are seeking to be part of a tribe and claim Identity.



Nature Dreamweaver

Part of the ART!


Nature Dreamweaver has spent the last 8 years creating sacred space temple art installations at art and music festivals all over the country. Using found, natural, and recycled materials, Nature leads teams to build altars, earth mandalas, and human-sized NESTs (New Earth Sacred Temples).


Many intentions are woven and embedded into the energy of the art including planetary healing, awakening our consciousness, opening our hearts, seeing the spirit of the earth through the art, and having sacred spaces for people to commune with themselves, the earth, and the divine.


This year at Wanderlust, he's inviting everyone to be A Part of the ART! Together, using found, recycled, and natural materials we will co-create these spaces. Nature arrives early with his team to build and create altars and mandalas, then everyone is invited to add on to them over the weekend.


If so inspired, you can even come early to learn more about this unique and special creative process that has been known and reported to be peaceful grounding meditation as well as lots of FUN! Yoga+Art= YogArt.