Dj Jumps

Dj Jumps

Best known for his work with seminal Australian band The Cat Empire, Jumps has found himself occupying a unique position in the world of DJs and turntablists. After ten years of touring the globe, playing the intensely rhythmic and highly eclectic music that The Cat Empire is known for, Jumps has come into contact with musicians from many different cultures. In Melbourne, Barcelona, New York or Havana, his own knowledge, both as a performer and as a listener, has been enriched and deepened by this journey. An appreciator of all good music, especially that which is driven by funky drums and percussion, DJ Jumps has dedicated himself to finding the best and rarest dance floor music from across the globe, with an emphasis on African and Latin rhythms.

So far 2012 has been a busy year for Jumps with the release of his first solo venture, a mix compilation on Cartell Music through Inertia, gigs including a Cut Chemist tour support slot and a performance at Womadelaide. Having just returned from a tour of the US and Canada with The Cat Empire, Jumps has hit the ground running and will commence a weekly Friday night residency in June at the Loose Goose, in Melbourne’s gritty, lane bar district. There are many different beats to dance to in this world. DJ Jumps brings them all together, onto the dance floor, in his quest for universal funkiness.

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