Yogini You Should Know: Sianna Sherman

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Sianna Sherman is an internationally recognized Anusara Yoga teacher who delights in story-telling, poetry, spontaneous dance and long walks in nature. She began her studies of yoga in 1989 and subsequently had the great blessing of meeting her primary mentor John Friend in 1995. Sianna apprenticed with John for 4 years during which she traveled with him widely and has continued to study with him extensively ever since their first auspicious meeting. In 2008, she was chosen by Yoga Journal as one of 21 talented young teachers shaping the future of yoga. She is a regular contributor to Yoga Journal magazine, teaches worldwide with workshops, teacher and therapeutic trainings, and eco-sanctuary retreats. She devotes herself to the Tantric embrace of the fullness of life. She studies closely with renowned Tantric scholars Dr. Paul Muller-Ortega and Dr. Douglas Brooks. Sianna seeks to be with her teachers as much as possible while offering her humble gratitude to the great blessings they generously bestow upon humanity with the light and wisdom of their teachings.

Recently, Sianna sat down with us and answered some questions. We learned about her journey through India, her inspiration towards Anusara, and precarious places where Sianna has practiced. Read on below to find out more!

In 1993 you had a journey through India, tell us one memory that really stands out.

While in India, I had many dreams of Baba Muktananda which led me to Gurumayi Chidvilasananda in Ganeshpuri. Once I met Gurumayi, my life was changed undeniably and the fire of true transformation took hold in the center of my heart. And also walking into my bedroom one day to find baby monkeys swinging on the mosquito netting of my bed with my underwear all strewn about and the kitchen in total mayhem. I chased them with a broom laughing all the while...

What draws you to practice and teach Anusara yoga?

The passion for creating as much beauty as possible in this embodiment. The power of the heart expressed through the Universal Principles of Alignment. The outstanding leadership of Anusara's founder John Friend. The strength of tradition and yet the evolutionary edge of consciousness that Anusara upholds and contributes to. All of this in a community that embraces, exalts and elevates life. And lots of love and laughter guiding the way!

What mantra do you most recommend?

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha Clear our way, melt our resistance, open the wings of our hearts, and walk us through each new threshold with fresh insight and perspective that sees the greater whole.

What is the most compromising/precarious place you've ever done yoga?

Right at the edge of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I was practicing Natarajasana and thought it would be sublime to dance in this way.

Tell us your favorite yoga pose!

Hmmm.. perhaps Mango pose because I love hanumanasana, backbends and arm balances all together. Mango pose is my own name for vasistasana with the leg lifted to the sky and the heart free and wide to love fully. It's super ignited, and I think of Hanuman's first leap to the Sun when he thought the sun was a juicy mango. Later on, Hanuman makes a second leap to the Sun and becomes the devoted student of mantra and radiance. We leap courageously even when we make a mistake and then we leap again and again to shine bright as pure light.

What is one thing that we (and everyone else) don't know about you?

I've had 3 incarnations of my name; I kidnapped my first dog and named him Trubble since I didn't know how to spell trouble yet; and I long to swim in a sea of pure starlight with my beloved.

Ah, we would love to know the other incarnations of your name. Thank you very much for your time Sianna!

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