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Based in Boston, Ame is a self-proclaimed "yoga mutt." Her teaching is a hybrid of many styles of yoga as well as other movement modalities. She is known for lacing her classes with humor and music while instilling the importance of proper alignment and smart transitioning to create a sustainable yoga practice. Continually humbled by the practice and her students, Ame hopes to contribute to the ever-evolving world of vinyasa yoga by encouraging appreciation and investigation of the body and what it can do. Ame wholeheartedly believes yoga can be an amazing addition to anyone's life and does not need to be achieved or attained, just enjoyed and explored. She is indebted to her many teachers, students and muses over the years for keeping her on her toes and moving her teaching to new levels. Ame is a Lululemon Ambassador and was recently named Best Yoga Instructor in the 2010 Boston magazine "Best of Boston" awards.

What attracts you to vinyasa yoga?

I love vinyasa because of the movement and creativity. As a kid I dreamed of being a dancer. When I found vinyasa yoga as an adult, the flow and the breath felt to me like a dance. I've practiced many styles of yoga, and love them all, but vinyasa is where my heart is. I also love how much creative expression vinyasa yoga leaves room for. Being an ever-evolving hybrid of styles, vinyasa is what you make of it. The word itself means breath-synchronized movement. Apart from that, it can be as simple or complex as a teacher is inspired. The point is finding one's own individual flow, and getting into a rhythm.

As a Lululemon ambassador, what excites you most about their brand?

I love the mission of the company. Lululemon is about making connections, creating community and fostering goals (as well as making kickass, smart athletic apparel). From the beginnings of my teaching career, my local Lulu community has supported me in every possible way. When they made me an ambassador they said it was because I embodied their mission and manifesto. This, to me, was the ultimate compliment. The energy and enthusiasm of my local Boston Lulu's as well as the larger aims of the company continually humble me and make me proud to be a representative.

Being that you are based in Boston, what is your involvement with the Kula Yoga Project in NYC?

A few years ago Boston received a NYC export, a yoga teacher and all-around badass lady named Georgia Reath. Now one of my best friends and partners in yogi crime, Georgia and I clicked immediately. She started coming to my class regularly and I to hers, and we quickly discovered the overwhelming similarities in what we teach and how we teach it. I learned of Kula, which is where she had practiced and learned for years in NYC. I went, and was excited to find that the style that I had been crafting in Boston was already rocking in NYC under the impeccable guidance of Schuyler Grant. I began going to New York every few months for a dose of Kula, and since then Georgia and I have made it our mission to bring creative, intelligent flow to Boston. Under the influence of both Schuyler and David Regelin, I have become a stronger and more grounded teacher who believes firmly in what I teach. I am indebted to Kula for providing me a space to study and grow and be inspired.

What is your favorite yoga pose?

It's hard to narrow it down to just one, but a few favs are upavistha konasana, visvamitrasana and any backbend.

What is the most compromising/precarious place you've ever done yoga?

I've had a few photo shoots where I had to drop into some crazy pose before the security guards/police/etc came and kicked us out. My photographer friend Kadri Kurgan calls this "guerilla photography." One such place was the courtyard of the Christian Science Center in Boston. Easily one of the most gorgeous places in the world, the architecture of the church as well as the enormous looking glass pool makes for a great backdrop. We managed to get a few shots in before the security guards came over and kindly asked us to leave. An hour and 2 more warnings later, they threatened to have us arrested if we didn't scoot. Other such places include a bus terminal in South Boston, an old industrial lot by the ocean and atop a fence separating the Arnold Arboretum (a large park in Boston) from a major thoroughfare.

What is one thing that we (and everyone else) don't know about you?

Most people are surprised to learn that I am a school nerd at my core. I'm finishing up my master's degree this spring and plan to go on to doctoral work in the fall. Aside from being on my yoga mat, the other place I feel most at home is among books and scholars. I've also traveled extensively. My favorite place in the world is Istanbul, Turkey.

Thanks (soon to be) Doctor Wren! For more info on Ame, check out her website below.

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