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Jason Nemer has been blessed with countless teachers on his path. His younger brother first brought him into gymnastics in 1987, beginning his "inverted" career. His teenage years were deeply influenced by the training techniques of Russian and Bulgarian Acrobatic Masters. Competing among the best acrobats in the world opened his eyes to many advanced expressions of body control and balance.

Jason was a two-time US Jr. National champion in partner acrobatics and represented the US at the World Championships in 1991 in Beijing. Yoga came to Jason in his last semester of university. After that first class there was no looking back. 

Currently Jason trains Acrobatics with Master Lu Yi at the Circus Center in San Francisco. Scott Blossom is Jason's teacher of Ayurveda & Asana. Sianna Sherman shows Jason how poetic grace in motion can be. Jason studies body work with the Thai Massage Circus and privately with the Metta Mama Jenn Yarro.


So, what's the deal - were you in the Olympics, or...?

I got to perform in the opening ceremonies back in '96, doing acrobatics and tumbling.

Where's the most compromising/precarious place you've ever done AcroYoga?

The Great Wall of China. It was windy, cold; there were lots of people around. But we were trying to capture some epic shots. It was sketchy.

What do you say to the yoga purists who would question the validity of AcroYoga as a true form of the practice?

Well, yoga by design is about transformation. As more people practice yoga and connect with each other it's going through rapid transformation. So we're in a really rich time to experience that.

What qualities do you most look for in a:


Trustworthy, sturdy, and big feet.


Trusting, light, joyful, and little feet.


Strong, dependable, and big hands.

You & Jenny are known for spreading the practice far & wide, but is there anywhere you still haven't brought AcroYoga that you want to?

Russia. But Sam & Paul of the Yogaslackers just did some AcroYoga in Antarctica, so we've now hit all seven continents!

Most of the yoga practiced today has its roots in ancient traditions. Yet you & Jenny have spearheaded a global movement which continues to inspire and transform thousands of people everyday. How does it feel to be able to witness this unfolding in your lifetime?

It's a blessing, and it's well beyond myself and Jenny at this point. It's fun to be able to travel and see it all over. Jenny and I started the fire, but at this point there are thousands of people tending the fire.

What's one thing we (& everyone else) don't know about you?

That I can swear in over 10 languages.

Michael Franti (booked for both Wanderlust Stratton & Squaw) has been a known proponent of AcroYoga, and we hear you've given him a flight or two.

The first time I flew him, as soon as I set him down, he tackle/cuddled me. What kills me is that somebody out there took all the footage, but I've still never seen it.

"3 is the magic number." Any comment?

Three is the smallest community, the seed of community.

Any last thoughts?

Wanderlust has been the most fun thing to come home to every year. It's the reason I come home from Europe. Literally.

Thanks for sharing your time with us Jason! Until Wanderlust Europe comes along, we look forward to flying with you & Jenny at Wanderlust California!

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