Yoga for the Office: Core, Diaphragm, and Posture via Yoganonymous

Posted by YOGANONYMOUS on 3/1/12 in Uncategorized


For anyone working in an office, core work and awareness of posture are a must!

When we feel drained for no reason, breathe deeply in the diaphragm. Tension held in this area drains energy. By opening through the diaphragm and releasing this tension we get our energy back. The solar plexus is a very, very important area.

I am talking about the feeling you have when you have been sitting for eight hours (or, worse, ten), just to fall on the floor completely exhausted from sitting in one place all day. Makes no sense, but your energy is zapped. You’d think that after all of that sedentary sitting, you’d get up and dance the jig, running around in circles like a dog, but it’s not so. 

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