Yoga Fest for Winter Solstice

Posted by on 12/15/10 in Uncategorized

Much like the yoga gathering in Times Square on June 21st where thousands of yoga enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the longest day of the year, Dubai's Internet City will host one for the shortest day of the year on December 21st. This will be one of first ever eco-friendly community events in the region.

Elaine Kelly, the event founder and Yoga Professional, said, "This event held in the heart of the business sector aims to draw people out of their offices to experience the benefits of yoga such as reduced stress and improved attention span. Yoga has gained worldwide popularity and Dubai is no exception. The event offers the perfect opportunity to experience yoga in its many forms at one beautiful location."

The interesting fact about this date is that not only is it 'Winter Solstice', but it will be a full moon. The next time a Winter Solstice will have a full moon will only happen after 84 years. Whether you are in Dubai, New York, LA, Chicago, or even Uzbekistan, you should enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. How will you celebrate this magnificent occurrence? In the comfort of your home, or under the stars?

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