Yoga Between the Sheets

Posted by Alice in Wanderlust on 5/27/10 in Uncategorized

If you haven't been following all my posts, you may have missed the note I slipped in there on one of the big reasons why I moved to Boulder: a job at a condom company going live this Fall. I have to admit, this may be the best ice breaker I've ever carried under my belt. 80% of the people who ask what I do respond with a long pause and then nicely say, “oh condos!” After we get through my often awkward clarification, our conversation goes in one of a million ways: intimate details of strangers sex lives, condom preference talk, sexual jokes, abstinence advocacy. Almost everyone calls me out now on sexual innuendos I subconsciously use in our conversations. You name it, by now I've most likely heard it.

One question I've been asked a lot this past week is how the yoga teacher in me feels about sex. What sort of ways do I see yoga and my condom job overlapping? I decided the question was so common I need to conquer it here in the land of Alice. While Sir Richard's happens to have a socially conscious foundation (for every condom bought, we give one away to an organization in need… first stop, Haiti), for most people sex isn't inherently linked to the yoga practice. For those deeply committed to their practice sex is controversial: is bramacharya (one of the yoga sutras) asking practitioners to choose celibacy or is it about an exploration of tantric sex?

I know on a personal level, my yoga practice has brought my world of sex to a new level. It's made me more confident in my body. More aware of what I'm seeking in this realm with a partner. Oh man, now I'm turning into one of those strangers I meet who divulges all their intimate secrets when they find out I work in the condom biz.  Back on track.  So this week while in San Francisco, I talked to a ton of teacher friends and yogis in my life who feel similarly that yoga has shifted their sex lives.   Together, a few of us circled up and came up with these few reasons why:

  • •    Breath. Even Fox News is talking about this one. Knowing how to breathe, breathing deeply and getting ujayi under the sheets helps you concentrate. It takes you to a space of tapping in so you can more acutely find rhythm, leave your thoughts behind, let go and focus on physical sensation. Breathing in tandem with your partner increases intimacy a million times over.
  • •    Touch. Yoga turns your sensuality factor up in bed.  When you're on that mat, you're cultivating a serious awareness of how subtle shifts in asana and breath feel. This same awareness can amplify the pleasure of sex and the more subtle body connections you feel with your partner.

•    Body. For me and so many friends in my life, yoga has taught us to love our bodies as they are. It's helped us honor and revere their power, their energetics, their bends and folds. This comfort in your own yogi skin allows you to let go more to the experience of sex.
•    Spirit. For many yoga practitioners, practice is about connecting with ourselves not only on a physical plane but also on a spiritual one. It's been found that believing in some form of a higher power, makes us more prone to making love instead of simply having sex. We couple physical intimacy with love.

So my kula, breathe in, breathe out, and see your yoga bring you to new places between the sheets. Oh and when you meet me at Wanderlust, its okay if you first think I work in the condo business, want to divulge your intimate secrets to me or think I'm a sex encyclopedia. Like I said, I've heard it all.

Love from California,

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