Yoga and Authentic Marketing | Wanderlust VT Class Review

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By Kate Lamie

This afternoon in sunny Stratton I attended a workshop with Burlington-based Jane Jarecki Lanza about how to mesh the ancient principles of yoga (like the yamas and niyamas) with modern-day demands of marketing yourself as a yoga teacher or yoga studio owner.

We sat in a candlelit circle, with sage burning and discussed how concepts like ahimsa apply directly to business practices. For example, we must have compassion for ourselves and our mistakes - but also for the mistakes we make in our businesses. 

Similarly, if we trust that grasping and clinging bring low-level energy to our yoga practice and our lives we must also give these behaviors up when we're worried about things like how many students are showing up to our classes.

Three tips that I found particularly helpful as a newly-minted yoga teacher were:

1.) Small gestures make a difference when students are deciding whether or not to return to your class/studio. The biggie: It may seem obvious, but learn your recurring students' names.

2.) In a world where SEO and Google Analytics reign supreme, know when to hire someone else to do the job. If Facebook, Twitter and blogging make your stomach turn, don't be afraid to barter free yoga classes in exchange for some social savvy! 

3.) Get feedback. Encourage students to let you know what they liked or didn't like after your class. A comment box or an online survey through Survey Monkey are two other anonymous ways to get honest feedback.

My take away: Marrying authentic marketing and yoga doesn't need to be overwhelming - it just takes a lot of mindfulness and "practice." 

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