Yantra in Village Anusara at Wanderlust Festival

Posted by Charles Ekabhumi Ellik on 7/1/11 in Uncategorized

When I quit my last job to focus exclusively on making sacred art, my wife was pretty skeptical about my ability to make a living. So was I! Still, I felt compelled to change careers due to an intense yearning to manifest what I saw in visions and dreams. What appeared to me during meditation did not match the conventional Hindu calendar art, and I was certain others felt the same way. Last March, on my birthday, I began a File 9329major life change.

Today, it is with great wonder and humility that I begin work on a project for Anusara Yoga to be a part of Village Anusara at the Wanderlust Festivals. This heart-oriented Yoga community, led by their beloved teacher, John Friend, is best known for teaching a dynamic asana practice. They are committed to presenting Yoga as a rich system that includes inspirational art and Tantric philosophy. To this end, they are commissioning original work from talented artists and writers who are also dedicated practitioners. What an honor to be among them! This patronage allows us to focus on creating even more profound work for the benefit of all. The book I am illustrating for Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis will be published this Fall by Anusara's File 9333Press. I am now at work with a team of talented artisans on a new series of large three-dimensional Yantra (ancient mystical diagrams), as well as nearly two dozen smaller yantra.

As I cannot explain to my wife how I am now able to pay the bills based on effort alone, the best explanation seems to be luck or maybe Grace. My goal is simply to be the path of least resistance as Spirit chooses to manifest as sacred art. My hope is that everyone who sees these yantra will feel the same joy as I do while making them. These yantra will travel with Village Anusara, and I will be participating personally in North Lake Tahoe, July 28-31. Please join me and the Anusara community at Wanderlust this summer for Yoga, Music, and ART! Jaya Ma!File 9337

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