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1739 Music and Yoga are like yin and yang, a perfect harmony flowing together in completeness. Both practices move with fluidity taking our bodies and minds through the ebs and flows of life as we gently let go of control. Whether it’s in our asana, flowing from one pose to another or on the dance floor shaking our tail feather, music and yoga get the body moving and flowing.

1735 “Turn up the bass of your breath” – MC Yogi

Experiencing an MC Yogi class is a very unique experience where music and yoga merge for the perfect experience.  Here at Wanderlust Vermont his sold out “Beasite Yoga” class was a flow to the soundtrack of the Beastie Boys curated by DJ Drez.  The result was a feeling of letting go and allowing ones self to rage and be wild.  Unleash the primal urges to move and flow without the fear of judgment, looking good or “getting it right.”  Feeling from the heart and gut and letting the beats, melodies and harmonies take over your soul and move your heart and limbs.

1736 For some, getting lost in the music will help your practice by helping you focus on the sounds and lyrics and aid you to stop thinking technically or mechanically about the poses or alignment (though those things are important, we can sometimes focus TOO much on them and take two steps back instead of one step forward.) Often yoga to music results in more playfulness, openness and possibility.  For others, a great pumping track can be just that adrenaline rush needed to push a little further or inject that spirit to push into the one extra wheel pose when you thought your tank was empty.

Music itself has an inherent ability to create unity.  On a dance floor everyone unites to the beat of the same drum and whether you’re an experienced dancer or a young child just shaking their body to the beat, the action or movements don’t matter much, what matters is that everyone is doing them TOGETHER.1738

Just as music injects action and movement, so does the practice of yoga. A yoga class fueled by a soundtrack helps maintain a feeling of joy with the freedom of letting loose, being wild and raging. This is why I feel that festivals like Wanderlust that celebrate yoga and music are so exciting and personally fulfilling.  We nourish our soul by pushing and moving through physical practice by day, together in unity, and at night we celebrate further with musical vibrations, again together in unity.

1741 If you’ve never experienced yoga to music you owe yourself the experience, especially if you’re feeling stuck or are thinking of starting a home practice.  Put together a play list of your favourite jams and rock out a flow to your custom soundtrack and see how your perspective and energy shifts. How do you move, how do you feel, what do certain songs evoke?

Tune in to the frequency of your heart radio and don’t be afraid to let loose.  Allow yourself to lose control, have fun and learn not to take things so seriously.
Laugh. Sing. Rage. Move. Live.

1725 ~ Tony Felgueiras is a yogi, photographer and videographer. Spearheading the media team for TORO Magazine he’s a lover of music, film, people and life, on a mission to capture it all in images from his unique perspective. Also hungry for adventure, collector of experiences and fan of extra long hugs.
Find him on Facebook here, on Twitter @tonyfelgueiras, and on Instagram here

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