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Posted by Guest Scribe on 6/22/13 in Yoga

Fact: everyone should try acro yoga. On the surface it can seem like an intimidating or flashy show with feats of acrobatics, incredible strength and flexibility, but the more you dig into it, the more you realize it’s an incredibly different and deep practice. One that calls upon great focus, trust, and connection.

1720 Your traditional asana (no matter what style you practice) is a very personal and internal one. It can be easy to get lost in the monkey mind (let’s face it, we all have these days once in awhile) and lose focus of the present moment. We can check in and check out and go through that journey by ourselves day after day. The beauty of acro is that is gets us off that hamster wheel and calls for connection and communication with others

1721 In a world of overstimulation, text messages and technology, we could go days or longer without personally connecting or touching another human being. Acro yoga gives us the opportunity to have fun and get grounded with our fellow humans.  From simple flying to advanced balancing it involves great trust that you will not drop your partner or fall on your partner.  Feel your feet on their hips. 1722 Look into their eyes. Speak to them and tell them how you’re feeling, where the balance is, what you want to try. Revel in the sensation of holding their hands. Acknowledge your strength as you push through your feet and help another human being fly.  Soak in the joy and most of all don’t forget to laugh and have fun. You don’t need to be able to bend into a pretzel or have the legs of Hercules to do acro yoga.  It’s for everybody and every body.

1723 “Presence is the greatest gift we can give anyone.”

I also learned that acro-yoga is a good reflection to how you show up in life.  Are you stressed out, worried about dropping someone, very serious, stiff? It may be a sign that you’re resistant in other areas of you life.  The way you approach your partner(s) in an acro yoga session is a great indication of how you might be showing up for others on a daily basis. The beauty of acro yoga is it demands focus and presence in the current moment, giving your partner the attention they deserve and an enjoyable experience.

1724 Another fact: more people should try acro yoga, if not just for the opportunity to meet new people, drop expectations, leave their comfort zone and feel connection. If yoga is a practice of unity and connection with ourselves then acro takes that to the next level and extends it through our friends, family and strangers.­ Get out there and take flight with others and in your own life!


1725 ~ Tony Felgueiras is a yogi, photographer and videographer. Spearheading the media team for TORO Magazine he’s a lover of music, film, people and life, on a mission to capture it all in images from his unique perspective. Also hungry for adventure, collector of experiences and fan of extra long hugs.
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