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Dudes, do yoga. It’s not just for women.

1758 The first impression of the practice of yoga to a dude might seem like an activity for bendy flexible women wearing tight bright clothes. We may not admit it, but that can be an intimidating scene to walk into. We see people bending like pretzels and think that to be “good” at yoga we need to fold, twist, and bend like we see other do to be “good at it,” but ultimately that’s not what yoga is all about.  The physical aspect is only a small part of the practice of yoga.

1759 Over the last several years yoga has grown in popularity and we’ve seen the numbers of male practitioners and teachers rise. This includes teachers like Matt Giordano who are leading the way in showing men their power in the practice of yoga and speaking to men directly to cater not only to our mentality with language and specific verbal cues, but to our physical structure as well, which is very different than a women’s structure.

1761 Here at Wanderlust Vermont I had the pleasure of taking two of Matt’s very celebrated classes “Fire of the Heart: Backbends For Dudes” and “Hips Are Not Just For Chicks: Hip Openers For Dudes” where he outlined the difference in the physical structural between the male and female anatomy and how to utilize the strength we have and modifications available to unlock our full potential as men in the practice of yoga. After an insightful and powerful class atop the Vermont Mountain on Sunday I sat down with Matt for a brief chat about Yoga for Dudes.


1763 TONY: From your perspective, how has the “yoga scene” changed with male participation in the practice over the last several years?

MATT: It has definitely become more accepted as the years go along. It’s becoming more accessible for guys because guys are practicing it more. It’s like a snowball effect. It just takes one guy who is into the gym, fitness and working out who finds his way into yoga and he tells all of his friends, and they go out and talk about it and so on and so forth. 

1767 It’s really nice to see that guys are willing to dive into a practice that on the outside seem like a feminine practice. In many aspects it is a feminine practice in that we’re introspective and we are trying to gain a sense of softness and tap into the beautiful parts of life which for many guys is vulnerable and something we are generally not willing to approach. So I feel that it becomes a really strong and powerful practice for dudes just to even step into the yoga room.  When a guy steps into his first class it really shows that he’s reached a level of strength in his emotional body and his mind that he’s open enough to try something where there’s a lot of girls around.

I think it’s going to continue to snowball. As men we really search for drive and purpose and the practice of yoga really drives and connects us to clarity of what we really want.

1764 TONY: How does the physical practice differ most from men to women?

Matt: Physically our bone structure is completely different, from the shape of our pelvis to the shoulder girdle. Our “design” is such that we have the capacity to hold a lot of strength and power and what we often see in a class is women who have this intense flexibility because of their bone structure (which is meant to open up in the pelvis to deliver a baby) but obviously we don’t have that type of an experience especially in the hips. So, what I would encourage is that because we have such fierce strength, power and musculature, that we place that strength and fire of the practice in the appropriate spaces that allow the bone structure to have freedom, which means stability as well.

1766 What I see often in guys is the tenancy to stretch the muscle itself so there’s a push effect. They try to push really hard into a hamstring stretch until the body shakes and that mentality is a very man mentality, very masculine.  “If I push myself a bit further, maybe I’ll get a bit more flexible.” What I try to bring into Yoga For Dudes here at Wanderlust is the idea that you have to let your body feel like it’s being mothered, loved and safe so you draw the musculature shorter, bring the bones deeper into the sockets and once the bones are deeper in the sockets and muscles are shortened and relaxed (even though they’re engaged and in a relaxed position) THEN you can expand out. Only then can you elongate the bone structure, and then you can create space where space is needed.

It’s a very patient practice and as guys patience is not always our strong suit. We always want to push through things. So creating a patient practice creates balance in our life and that’s really what enhances the emotional and mental practice for dudes.

TONY: What is one piece of advice for new dudes looking to step into the practice of yoga for the first time.

MATT: I wouldn’t push anybody into something until they’re wanting and ready to.

If you’re on the fence because it’s a pride thing, because of the vulnerability of jumping into something you think is only for girls, then I say get stronger and just give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen? If you don’t like it you don’t have to go back again.

What I recommend is trying something three times, ESPECIALLY if people are raving about something. You know that typical mentality in humanity that if someone raves about something we get turned off and don’t want to do it? There’s a reason people are raving about it. It’s not because of an external fad but because people are feeling something internally and if you want to feel a sense of empowerment and strength in your body and mind to really do anything, than this is one of the practices that can get you there. There’s plenty of practices that can get you there but yoga has become one of the most accessible, so, why not give it a shot?


As men we have enormous strength and power. The practice of yoga is an incredible opportunity for men to not only utilize this power in a physical practice but learn how to harness the power and strength we embody and direct it into areas of our body and life for deeper meaning, clarity, and softness. Plus, let’s be honest. Girls dig a dude who does yoga, so step into your strength and give it a shot if you haven’t already.

For more thoughts on Dudes doing Yoga, tune in Wed June 26 at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT Waylon Lewis of EJ, Sean Hoess of WL, Eoin Finn and Dan Wilf of Yoganonymous will have a live Q&A to answer questions and have a conversation about men & yoga.  Chris Cuevas & Schuyler Grant, our yoga directors, will also be present online to chime in.  The live chat will happen in the comments of this blog page: http://WLFe.st/WLHQ_SH


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