#WLOB: Ride of Passage | Plan & Prep (Day 0, Miles 0)

Posted by Heather and Jennie on 6/21/11 in Uncategorized

Jennie and Heather have each lived in New York City for 2 years. They met in a graduate program at Teachers College, Columbia University, where they studied Speech-Language Pathology with an emphasis in Spanish-English bilingualism. Jennie is from Philadelphia, where she worked in garden and landscape design and lived in Mexico for 3 years before getting her bachelors in Speech & Spanish at Temple University. From ages 2 to 8, Jennie lived with her family at the Kripalu Yoga Ashram in Sumneytown, PA. From the Texas Hill Country, Heather grew up attending the 18-day Kerrville Folk Music Festival. After getting a bachelors in Linguistics at Reed College in Portland, OR, Heather moved to Austin. There, she taught Spanish at a private school and later funded her midwifery studies as a birthday party clown.

With graduation imminent, Jennie and Heather sought summer adventures. Heather was bummed she'd miss the free Andrew Bird concert at Prospect Park and stumbled upon the Wanderlust page on his website. Both Jennie and Heather immediately applied to volunteer and soon found themselves biking daily to the Wanderlust Headquarters in Williamsburg. The idea to bike from NYC to Wanderlust was born at Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop in Brooklyn, near Heather's house. Jennie had ridden there from Harlem and proposed riding bikes to Philly one day. Within minutes, Jennie and Heather were charting possible bike routes to Wanderlust, as a fusion of the ideas seemed logical.

File 9192They consulted Joshua Alsup, a well-versed and rehearsed bike messenger, about shopping for touring bikes, related gear, and maintenance basics. Josh found Jennie a royal blue Trek bike from the early 90s and found Heather a metallic grey Shogun Alpine GT from the late 80s. The trajectory evolved as they considered new points of interest.

Their tentative itinerary begins on Saturday, June 18, 2011 in Poughkeepsie (NY) with overnight stays at Macedonia State Park (CT), the Kripalu Center (MA), Wanderlust Festivals (VT), Rutland (VT), Middlebury (VT), with a final destination in Burlington (VT).

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