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It's Wayfarer Wednesday, where we visit each festival location through the eyes of the Wayfarers, our team of super-connectors in each region.  

Andrea, one of our Wanderlust Vermont Wayfarers, delivered the perfect covered bridge photo! There are many legends behind this apparently-haunted Gold Brook Bridge (if you're interested in ghoulish tales, you should spend a moment checking out the various fates that have been supposed for poor Emily on the Gold Brook Bridge wikipedia page!), but we are totally taken by this quintessential Vermont scene. 
If you're joining us at #WLVT, then you'll spy a few of these on the picturesque drive up to Stratton! RSVP here and make sure you've invited your Facebook friends here: Wanderlust Vermont ~ June 20 - 23, 2013.

1419 As we head west to Colorado, we find Wanderlust Colorado Wayfarer, Elizabeth's, dancer's pose atop the peaks of the Rocky Mountains where she makes her home in Colorado. Self-proclaimed yoga geek, she's a great CO ambassador because she is a huge outdoor enthusiast, and we are offering hikes, mountain biking, rock climbing and so much more at WLCO. Explore the full realm of Outdoor Expeditions at #WLCO here.
If you're joining us in the Rockies this summer, hopefully you'll take advantage of all the Rockies have to offer! RSVP here: Wanderlust Colorado ~ July 4 - 7, 2013.

1420 In Squaw Valley, where we return for the 5th year this summer, we have Wanderlust California Wayfarer, Ashley shares with us a darling picture of herself and her daughter at the festival last year ~ getting the younguns started early! We approve!  In fact, we want to let all yoga mamas know that we have an amazing kids program called Wanderkind that will keep your little 'uns entertained while you're getting your flow on. Yogiños: Yoga for Youth will provide the fun for little monkeys in both Colorado and California, so check out the full Wanderkind program here.

If you're making the trip to the Sierras this summer to join us, RSVP here: Wanderlust California ~ July 18-21, 2013.

1421 Lastly, as we complete the circuit up to the picturesque Pacific Northwest, we have Wanderlust Whistler Wayfarer Rebecca displaying some yogic talent (as well as our #WLBC poster!) with the help of some friends! One aspect of the BC festival that we are particularly pumped about is allowing you the chance to practice up-mountain on both Whistler AND Blackcomb! Your yoga ticket includes free access to the lifts, so you should explore the schedule at the Roundhouse (Whistler side) and Rendezvous (Blackcomb side). Just remember to be cognizant of your travel time down the lifts when planning your next class in Whistler Village - PEAK2PEAK takes 12 min and Whistler Gondola is a 25 min ride.

Joining us at #WLBC?  RSVP and invite your friends to join us right here: Wanderlust Whistler ~ Aug 1-4, 2013.





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