WLHQ: Taking it to the Kitchen

Posted by admin on 12/18/13 in Nourish

Today on WLHQ, we are taking our insights into the kitchen, where our Director of Partnerships and resident comedienne, Lydia, has our health covered in this homemade remedy for what ails you.

Make a big ol’ pot of this soup, put the extra in your fridge, and just eat it all the time. It’s delicious and will keep you safe from harm (and also dangerous kissing, because so much garlic).

These measurements will make enough for two sickos:
Sesame oil
A sh*t ton of garlic (like, five to ten cloves, or more if you’re up for it)
A sh*t ton of fresh ginger (maybe a quarter cup? go nuts. but beware,
more = spicier)
One white or yellow onion
One cup chopped/sliced greens (I use collards, but kale or spinach would also be groovy)
Can of broth (chicken, veg, whatev)
One lime
Miso paste optional
Sriracha optional

Chop or slice the garlic however you like it, but I’d err on the side of smaller slices so you’re not biting into a chunk of undercooked garlic. Slice up the onion. Julienne or grate the ginger. With all of these, use as much as you like. I go cray with the garlic and ginger because I love both of those, and they are super, duper, duper medicinal and magical.

Saute those three in your soup pot with some sesame oil (or whatever, but I like sesame oil). When they are soft, add in the greens. Once they’ve wilted, add the broth and cover. Let all of that simmer on low-medium heat for maybe ten minutes, so all the flavors chill together and get scrumptious. When you’re ready to eat, turn off the heat and add a tbsp of miso paste, a squirt of sriracha, and the juice from maybe half the lime (more if you like it sour). Stir it up, eat it up, stay warm, go to bed. BOOM, health.

Good for sickos, but also just good for this season. I’ve been eating it nonstop at home, even when I’m feeling okay. Better safe than sicky.

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