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Posted by Olivia on 5/15/13 in Yoga

~By Olivia Millman, Social Media & Speakeasy Ass't Producer
This morning I awoke to birds chirping.  It’s something so simple and it’s happened to us all, though it’s not a usual song of this New York urban jungle.  My brain processed the sound before my eyes opened and for a few moments I peacefully laid in bed, awaiting reveille to blow from the morning bugler at summer camp.  I thought I was back in Maine, where I spent my summers growing up.  When I finally opened my eyes, I was amazed to find my bright Brooklyn bedroom, and not the wooden bunk, buried within the trees.

With scents and subtle sounds of spring swimming in the air, memory triggers are everywhere.  What is it about our senses that carry us back into a moment in time?  At any unexpected time, even in a strange and unknown space, we can be instantly transported to a place that feels familiar.  

1537 At Wanderlust, we celebrate exploring new experiences and finding our inner rhythm through music and yoga.  It’s our goal to lure you away from your frequent studio and expand your practice within new surroundings.  But any avid yogi knows that it doesn’t matter where you are, once you hit the mat and tune into the sound of your breath, you’re home again.  Attention to breath means getting attuned with the natural rhythm of our bodies.  

If sounds and songs are so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that they can serve as a time-travel spaceship, triggering feelings of comfort, nostalgia, joy, and sadness, then music must live in us constantly, even if hiding out in the most buried bunker of the brain.  Exploring our relationship with music and why it makes us feel certain ways is as much a meaningful process of self-discovery as any adventure, meditation or yoga practice.  1542

I’ve included a Summer Sounds playlist below.  It’s not numbered as a top list, but plays on like the day’s progress.  Some tracks you’ll know, some you may not, and some you could hear at one of our upcoming Wanderlust fests.

Looking forward to creating more memories through sound this summer…

Three Little Birds ~ Bob and I both love our singing morning friends.  Reggae & summer go together like bread & butter.

Reveille ~ A universal memory trigger for fellow summer campers everywhere.  It feels something like this – “Nooooooooo.”

Ether Sunday ~ Nothing like a little Trey to start the day and this embodies Sunday summer mornings.  The lyrics are so soft and pretty, ‘cause life is just funny dream, after all.

She Turns My Radio On ~ A friend recently put this one a morning mix for me and I just can’t get enough.  It'll definitely be a staple in my summer playlists.

The Wanderer ~ The second I hear this I’m reminded of summer days driving through the Colorado mountains to visit my friend who lived in Boulder.  Summer is definitely the time for road trips and wander.

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever ~ Another dreamy summer tune.  I also recommend this one for the airplane listening; put it on, look out the window, and you’ll see a bit further.

Once in a Lifetime ~ Sure, it's called once in a lifetime and it sounds like a summer adventure, but the irony is it's really “same as it ever was.”

School’s Out ~ What would a summer playlist be without School’s Out?  The first time I heard this I was in middle school, watching Dazed & Confused.  Every year thereafter, I’d throw this on after my last class before summer break.

1539 Who Loves the Sun ~ The music is light and breezy, but the lyrics are actually heartbreaking.  “Who loves the sun?/ Who cares that it is shining?/ Who cares what it does since you broke my heart?”

Golden Lady ~ A song to sunbathe in.  A golden lady is a tan lady, right?1540

I’ll Be Waiting ~ I heard this for the first time in February at Wanderlust O’ahu.  Michael Franti played it during an afternoon set/dance party.  He guided the crowd into a giant circle and had us all hug each other.  The tip of Turtle Bay was overwhelmed with love.  The guitar rift will always tranport me back to that moment.

The River ~ I’m not much of a country fan but this song just sounds like wind on the waves.  Any summer water person will feel this one.

1541 Free ~ It wouldn’t be a summertime playlist of mine without Phish, considering I’ve spent three summers following the band for weeks at a time.  To me this is another water tune.  I always thought it was about swimming, but (spoiler alert) the lyricist once told me it’s really about throwing his wife overboard a cruise. (shh)

Beercan ~ Mandatory summer party song.

Bonita Applebum ~ There’s something about Tribe Called Quest and old school hip-hop that radiates summertime steam.  The piano riff is light but the song still feels hot.

Summertime ~ Here’s a Miles Davis cover of the classic summer tune.  When I lived in the West Village, there was cellist who would play this on my corner many hot summer nights.  Since falling in love with his version, I prefer this jazzier instrumental alternative to the original

Taps ~ This would blow every night at 8PM at camp and we’d have to quickly turn off our flashlights and sit in silence until it was over.  I’d always make a wish and they almost always came true.

Night Moves ~ Bob Seger is one of my all time favorites, and this song is my number one.  Summer night song of all summer night songs.  This one says sticky nights, beer, mosquitos, and romance.

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