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Posted by Jess on 1/25/13 in Inspiration, Adventure

This is the third blog in our series of "in-house" blog posts from Wanderlust Headquarters (WLHQ), with the aim of sharing with you a bit about who we are, what we value and the challenges that we grapple with.  You'll learn a little bit about what we do here, and why we work throughout the year to bring your four days of epic adventure and transformation in beautiful places. 

Today we turn the stage over to Jess, our Grassroots Marketing Director, who took this opportunity to interview a friend of hers who makes his living as a surf photographer.  With Wanderlust O'ahu right around the corner, the timing is perfect for Jess to introduce us to Damea Dorsey...

Damea Dorsey began working as a surf photographer in 2001.  At the time he was working for Rip Curl USA, shoot directing their ad campaigns, search trips, catalogs, and video shoots, and ended up picking up a camera and decided to shoot from the water.  The rest is history.

“The hardest part of my job would have to be being at the right place at the exact right moment.  There are so many variables that come into play in order to get a great photo.  Things like international swell tracking, organizing and networking with surfers, flights and accommodations, organizing transportation, weather, timing, etc.  The most rewarding part would have to be when it all comes together and I get a great photo.”


Dorsey has been shooting in Hawaii for over ten winters.  The North Shore is his obvious choice for favorite spots to shoot on O’ahu.  “It has some of the most intense and heavy surf, compacted into such a small area.  That combined with the talent makes for some amazing moments.  When there's a big swell, just being out in the water at Pipeline, Backdoor, and Off the Wall is challenging, even for the most seasoned surfers and photographers." While Dorsey reminds us that the North Shore waves in those particular places are not for beginners, surfers of all levels will be welcome in the waves at #WLOahu, with guidance from professionals from the Hans Hedemann Surf School and yoga/surf teachers like Rochelle Ballard and Eoin Finn.



One aspect of the surf culture on the North Shore that Dorsey particularly enjoys is the sense of community.  “Companies like O'Neill, Billabong, Volcom, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, and Hurley, all have houses right on the beach in front of Pipeline and Off the Wall.  We can watch the surf, eat, hang out, and watch for the perfect moment to jump out in the water.  It's pretty nice having it right there in your backyard.  One Hawaiian word that resonates with me after my time in Hawaii is mana.  Mana is the Polynesian pervasive supernatural or magical power, and you can feel it when you're on the islands of Hawaii.”



Follow Damea Dorsey:

Website: dameadorseyphotography.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dameadorseyphotography

Instagram: diebythesea

Twitter: @DameaDorsey

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