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Posted by admin on 11/20/13 in Inspiration

It’s Friday night in Brooklyn and I’m staying in eating rice cakes with almond butter, drinking hard cider and I’ve never been happier. Exactly one year ago I was feeling uninspired, to say the least. I woke up each day certain I was not living my best life and I was running out of patience. I was craving something richer, deeper, a full body feeling of alive that would leave me feeling fulfilled. Missing somewhere was the instructions manual on how to get there.

2316 I began at my computer researching something awesome to do. This is what I entered into Google search “Yoga, Nature, Awesome” and I eventually stumbled upon Wanderlust. The next festival would be held in O'ahu. There was something very tempting about packing up and taking off but I was trying to convince myself that there was no way I could go. I had a job, an apartment, and a life I was used to. For years I had let logic lead me and after taking a glance at my life, I was unimpressed with the results.

I applied to volunteer and told myself that if selected, I would figure out how to make it happen. I got the email that I had been chosen and thought, I guess I’m going to Hawaii! The festival was only four days, but it was the push I felt I needed to get out of the familiar cushion I had built around myself. I got rid of my apartment, quit my job, sold some stuff and booked a one-way flight to Honolulu with the intention to island hop for a few months.

The night before I left I cried a lot. I had never let myself get to a place where I had no idea what I would do next. I struggled to understand how I could feel so capable, so full of drive, passion, and creativity, but nowhere to invest it.

My mother dropped me off at the airport. I’m sure everyone in my life wondered what I was doing but I didn’t care, at the very least I would be alone with my thoughts and I could just enjoy myself.

2317 My days in Hawaii were some of my most memorable. I immediately felt at home with myself, my surroundings and those involved with the festival and knew I would somehow become a part of it. My focus was now clear. I would work for Wanderlust. While I volunteered I made myself completely available, offering my time outside of my scheduled work hours. I believed within my core that a job would present itself that required my exact skillset. My efforts were noticed, and that was all the hope I needed to work towards getting hired. Eight months later, I am editing this very piece from my desk at the Wanderlust head office.

2318 If you feel uninspired or undecided about what you want to do, my first advice is to spend some time getting quiet with yourself. Recognize when you feel most alive. Write yourself a story of what you want your life to look like. Be specific, so incredibly specific that if you close your eyes you will see every last detail. I did this on a daily basis over the span of eight months and it helped in preventing me from feeling discouraged. Then be patient, especially in those moments when you think nothing is happening. Forget the “how."  Your only job is to get clear on your goals. Ignore limitations, or you will get nowhere. Believe that every potential obstacle will dissolve leaving you a clear path. That’s exactly what happens when you are fully invested in the manifestation of your dreams.

I dreamt of this and now I am living it, and that’s pretty awesome.

2319 ~Isabelle Abergel has recently joined WLHQ in Brooklyn all the way from Montreal, QC, where she's our Manager of Technical Communications for Marketing and Programming.  We are so grateful to Canada for letting us borrow this extra special Canuck.


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