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Posted by admin on 6/19/13 in Community

Cover Photo: Taken yesterday at Stratton Mountain, prepping for Wanderlust

This Friday, communities throughout the northern hemisphere will be celebrating the summer solstice - the longest day of the year, when light is most abundant and we honor our connection to the sun. It’s no coincidence that our first festival of the season falls over this sacred occurrence, and I’ve found myself reflecting on the beauty of universal rhythms even more than usual lately.

Wanderlust Vermont syncs up with the solstice for the 3rd year running this week and seriously, it is a terrific excuse to party. After all, without the sun’s warmth and energy we’d have nothing to celebrate! Honoring this star and reveling in those golden rays of light is one of the oldest traditions we have as a people: every civilization in our history has started and ended their days with the sun, and this shared reverence of solar power binds us to one another. From the ancient gatherings at Stonehenge (still being revived today), to the Latvian Jāņi festival and the whimsical Wiccan Litha parties, there is a rich history of mystical mischief around the solstice born from our intrinsic connection to nature.

Solstice Sunrise Party at Stonehenge (2010)

Loving and appreciating what is in front of us, what nourishes us so naturally, is a practice that I am trying to focus on as I observe this midsummer tradition. When I’m present to the beauty of Earth’s rhythms, it is easier to drop into my body and tune in to what I feel is the great truth of humanity – that we are all connected.

Modern day sun worship in Hawaii for Wanderlust O’ahu

A sun salutation was the first yoga sequence I really learned, and not learned meaning I could follow along in class, rather it seeped into my natural body language as a wave of motion I could fall into almost without thinking. A prayer that I instinctively knew, and understood that others did as well. The origin of this specific practice lies in reverence of Hindi solar deity Surya (ah, Surya Namaskara) and as a girl who is always happiest in the light, it’s no surprise that this series of movements feels like home.



                                                                            Sun Salutation by Angeles Moreno

Building conscious community is my heart’s work - a realization I came to through my yoga practice and the motivation that led me searching for a company like Wanderlust. So I’m incredibly grateful to be celebrating this solstice by saluting the sun with others at the most epic of yoga festivals imaginable, and I’m sharing my wish that we all leave carrying more love and openness for the earth, her many tribes and our symbiosis. 




~Ashley Campbell is WLHQ’s resident hippie child and Marketing Director – when she’s not busy spreading the good word about Wanderlust’s mission you can probably find her playing in the woods with her new moon sisters or dancing in the streets of Brooklyn with her fellow sun-loving Texan fiancé.

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