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Posted by admin on 3/27/13 in Community

I love my co-workers. One of my favorite things to tell people when they ask about my job is, "Well, I work with my best friends, " and not much more needs to be said. I even love them when they drive me crazy - and crazy is a word used often this time of year. As we all dive into the weeds with summer crunch time, we could all use a bit of desk dancing and lip syncing to help us relax.


My main focus in the Wanderlust office is the art & musical talent programming. I take this seriously, obviously, by also curating the office DJ sets. The occasional flash-mob dance jam or spontaneous desk karaoke are bound to happen, and encouraged once they do. We all need a little laughing to help our days move and stay on task. To stay productive, you have to let loose a little bit.

1259 I'm a big believer in finding inspiration in music. It's what inspires my everyday tasks and how I see things forming together. Music is how I got to where I am, how I found Wanderlust in the first place. After being at the festivals, I began to see separate acts become a whole and music come to life. Having music around you as you work invigorates your creativity and takes you to places you may not have gone.

Here's a playlist to get you started. These 8 tracks will give you a taste of our collective musical styles here at Wanderlust. It's a little bit of everything, with a whole lot of fun. Listen while you work, get inspired and always remember that the weekend isn't far away!


Wanderlust Office Jams from WanderlustFestival on 8tracks Radio.

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