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Posted by admin on 6/26/13 in Inspiration

1793 Four days of sun. Four days of the sun/shining. Shining on our bodies. In our bodies.  Cycling through and vibrating back out. Coming out as a sweet nectar.  Feeling the heat. Heating up. We are heating up. Together we are heating up. Soaring back in. Back into our bodies, and back into our hearts. The sun is shining.

I can see the nectar coming out of your heart. 

I can see your nectar. 

1794 The sun is shining on your heart. 

Four days of being awake. Being awake to what you are experiencing. Feeling what’s passing through you, feeling what’s emanating out of you. Letting it come. Letting it come. Letting it come. Feel it. F E E L I N G  I T.

You are awake. Awake to your own experience. No judgment. Feel it. Open your heart. Breath. Breath. Breath. Breathing in the trees. Breathing in this breeze. It’s cycling through and bringing in the new. Saying thank you to what was. Saying thank you to what is. Opening your heart to what is coming. Breath it in. Breathing in the trees. Breathing in this breeze. I believe in this breath. Its taking hold inside of me. Letting it go. So you can open to a new flow. Saying thank you and goodbye. We feel so high. Saying goodbye. Standing here tall with the trees. Now we can really feel this breeze. Sweeping out the old and letting the new flow through.1795

I bow to you. I bow to me. I bow to the things I cannot see. Saying hello and goodbye. Now I am ready to fly. 

It’s the last day of Wanderlust Vermont and a storm just passed. It moved thought fast, soaking into all this green green grass.  The rain fell, sealing in everything good that was realized on this surface. Rooting down through the trees. All of our intentions floating out with the breeze. Down into this earth, it’s cycling through and coming out as something new. Our hearts were broken open out hearts were set free. Letting go slow. Moving throughout that flow. Breathing in this mountain and give great thanks. Making more space. Standing tall and grounding down. Hearts to the sky. Feeling so high. It’s time fly.



1796 ~Ali Kaukas is Wanderlust's resident photographer extraordinaire.  She hails from Manchester, Vermont, but can often be found the surfing waves of Costa Rica, leading a dance party in Brooklyn, or on a lustfull adventure somewhere in between.  We are grateful to have Ali's incredible eye for beauty to capture the life of love of our Wanderlust festivals!  

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