WLHQ: Get the sand in your Yogi Toes

Posted by admin on 1/23/14 in Adventure

2455 "My yogi toes are happiest traveling from the beach to yoga (or vice versa).  I always track sand into the studio and it happily decorates my mat.  As I stretch back into downward facing dog I feel the dry salt water begin to stretch against my skin.  My body, already feeling a warm radiance from a day in the sun, begins to warm internally as we flow through surya namaskars.
Tuning into the breath and becoming present in the moment is easier when you hear waves crashing, birds chirping and trees swaying. Letting go of your worries becomes manageable when you’re in Trikonasa staring at the ocean. This may sound like an advertisement for Hawaii but trust me, it’s real life and the islands need no help in selling themselves."
2456 I remember writing this a few months back before life took a radical shift and led me to the Pacific Northwest.  Instead of staying South for the winter, this bird flew North for a different perspective and way of life.  Gratitude for new opportunities combines with pangs of eagerness to step back on the beaches and glide through the ocean. (Wanderlust countdown is 37 days! Will you be joining me?)
The island’s allure is obvious and I don’t need to give  a lengthy list of reasons to be at Wanderlust O'ahu. (But if I did, it would start with 1) Aren’t you tired of sub 30 temperatures?!?)  It’s almost time to unroll your mat under the endless line of palm trees.  The time is near to relax under the sun and dance under the moon. A pure weekend is coming to allow your body to be your guide and not your mind.  Time will slow down but Wanderlust will still fly by too fast. We’re one day closer...
2457 ~Leslie Schipper, Wayfarer extraordinare for our inaugural Wanderlust O'ahu event,  is a free­spirited, wanderlusting yogini living a life of love and blessings. Falling in love with yoga from day one, Leslie felt a deep purpose to share the practice and benefits of connection to the mind, body, and breath. She completed her 200-hour teacher training from Open Space Yoga in Honolulu and is excited to share her passion and knowledge of the sacred tradition. Her ambition is to inspire, give thanks perpetually, and continue globe trotting­ sharing aloha and yoga wherever her feet find her. You can connect with her on Facebook on the Forever Stoked page. 

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