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Posted by Ashley on 1/17/13 in Inspiration, Adventure, Community

Here begins our series of "in-house" blog posts from Wanderlust Headquarters (WLHQ), with the aim of sharing with you a bit about who we are, what we value and the challenges that we grapple with.  You'll learn a little bit about what we do here, and why we work throughout the year to bring your four days of epic adventure and transformation in beautiful places (hint: it's because the people who come together to make Wanderlust happen provide us with ample inspiration to work the next 365 days to make the next gathering even more unforgettable).  And we thank you for that.

Our first WLHQ offering comes from our Marketing Director, Ashley, who invites us to flow into 2013 without fear...


As the Marketing Director of Wanderlust, I am dedicated to spreading the word about our mission and bringing as many of you lovely yogis out to the festivals as possible. Part of my role here also involves working with our partners at each resort location we take over in the summer, which led me on a trip to snowy Stratton Mountain, Vermont over the Holiday break.

I’m not sure how many of you hit the slopes often, but along with those romantic visions of frosted mountain tops and steamy hot toddies at the lodge, there is a terrifying side of winter sports that can overcome you if you’re not prepared. I won’t go so far as to say I was stuck at the top of the mountain sitting in snow, paralyzed by fear for hours, but I did reach a point where I needed to breathe through some tough feelings and let me tell you, it is a humbling realization that fear of your own speed is enough to stop you in your tracks.

Fear of our own light / success / speed limits us as we try to carve out our paths in life, especially in our uber competitive society. Thankfully there are many ways to overcome this self-intimidation: practicing yoga, breath work, meditation, and building and trusting community are all powerful tools for realizing our own potential. It’s a real discipline to show up, press through and work through our self doubt -- but we cannot forget that each one of us is capable. When I finally acknowledged the tightness in my chest at the top of each snowy steep incline for what it was, I could then feel comfortable enough in my own ability to navigate the slopes. 

So, having started this year with a breakthrough of my own, I invite all of you to follow your Wanderlust into 2013 by not letting fear hold you back - breathe through it and be confident in your own power.

*Special thanks to yoga and ski instructor Jo Kirsch at Stratton for helping me to find my confidence on the mountain and for introducing me to Mermer Blakeslee, author of “A Conversation with Fear” - a must-read for anyone interested in digging deeper on this topic.

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